Healthy Habits for Life weight loss retreats support non-denominational and inter-faith healthy spiritual practices in an open, safe, and non-judgmental environment. We introduce daily practices of mindfulness and gratitude around meals and the gifts of participants in the program.

Increasing volumes of research indicate a positive correlation between spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer, and healthy physiological responses. For example, there is strong evidence of physiological benefits in randomized samples for those who report regular practice of meditation within the Judeo-Christian tradition. Studies support these findings within other religious traditions as well.

Healthy and regular spiritual practices may impact blood pressure and support immune function as well as affecting the cardio-vascular system. In blind studies, patients report significantly shorter recovery time following surgery when a community prayed for their healing, whether they were aware of the process of prayer on their behalf or not.

Further research supports the benefit of rest and relaxation on the renewal and healing of the body. Practices such as forgiveness, practices of compassion and exercises in peacekeeping mediation reduce stress and increase blood flow to the body. When the body is in fight or flight mode, blood flow restricts, contributing to physiological dis-ease.