Positive Psychology

Healthy Habits for Life reflects the philosophy that a focus on healthy weight, healthy movement, positive relationships and spiritual practice will support your best self. Life transformation happens through commitment to creative change, setting life intention toward optimal health. We support your intention to develop a healthy life plan and create a supportive environment to choose life.

Positive psychology emphasizes building human strengths, virtues and competencies over remediation of negative emotions, behaviors, and habits – the common ‘disease model’ approach typically observed in psychological treatment centers and most weight loss clinics.  Positive psychology counters the common pathologizing of human experience common to psychological and medical professions. There is growing consensus that exclusive devotion to studying and treating mental illness limits the impact psychology can have on people’s lives. Thus, positive psychology is viewed as an approach concerned with accentuating characteristics such as hope, joy, creativity, happiness, interpersonal skills, optimism, perseverance, and mindfulness.

An overarching goal of positive psychology is: building factors that allow individuals, families, and communities to flourish. By promoting individual and societal strengths, we acquire those characteristics that ‘buffer’ against the onset of poor coping choices (e.g., eating to sooth a stressful life event or circumstance). Healthy Habits for Life embraces a paradigm shift away from a problem-focused view of life as avoidance of disease toward a solution-focused commitment to health and vitality.